3 Fascinating Museums to Visit in Prague

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When you hop into your Prague shuttle service to transfer from the airport to your accommodation, you should pay attention to what’s just outside your window on the way there. You might just spot some fascinating sights you’d like to go back to. Here are three museums that might make your ‘to do’ list.

Aviation Museum

If you have a fascination with planes and helicopters you should definitely head for the Prague Aviation Museum. This is appropriately found on the site of the old airport, rather than the one your Prague shuttle service will leave from. It is just few miles from the centre of the city itself and you can see over 100 different aircraft, some of which date from the two World Wars. There are numerous helicopters as well as planes, not to mention plenty of information on the exhibits.

The National Museum

This is definitely well worth seeing since it offers a wealth of information on both historical and natural aspects of life here. Other areas of interest are also covered, and while there is one building near Wenceslas Square, there are so many items held by the museum they are stored in all manner of buildings. The museum has been going for nearly 200 years, so the size and scope of the exhibits is extensive. It makes for quite a fascinating day out and since many of the exhibits cover ancient periods of history you’ll learn plenty as well.

The Antonin Dvorak Museum

The name may be familiar to you, and it should be: Antonin Dvorak is one of the greatest composers to hail from this part of the world. The museum is associated with the National Museum mentioned above, but is its own entity. You’ll find it in a lovely Baroque building, where the exterior is almost as impressive as the items you will find inside. Your Prague shuttle service may go near to the museum as you make your way through the city, but nothing beats a visit to explore inside. There are both permanent and temporary exhibitions in the museum, one of which is titled The Journeys of Antonin Dvorak. Many exhibits help to illustrate the life of this man, who has a great story to tell.

As you can see, journeying into the city in your Prague shuttle service is but the beginning of a fascinating holiday. When you realise how much there is to learn courtesy of the many museums across the city, you will want to visit as many of them as possible.

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