Grand Canyon Flight Tours And Why Christmas Holiday Season Is The Time to Fly

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If you have plans to make a Vegas getaway over the Christmas holidays this year, you ought to take a Grand Canyon air tour while you are there. Winter is very beautiful in the national park, so it is an ideal time for an aerial tour, plus, you can find some great deals on tour packages.

Christmas day is the only day of the year that the aircraft don’t take flight, but you can book your tour for any other day over the holidays.

Find The Best Price For Your Christmas Tour Of The Canyon

The winter months are the best time to find good deals on Grand Canyon tours. For starters, you want to book your tour in advance. That way, you can take advantage of any early bird deals available. Although you’ll probably be able to get your tour tickets up to about 72 hours in advance, it is better to play it safe and get your seats two weeks ahead of time. Also, buy your tickets online because that’s where you’ll find the lowest prices.

Flight Options

You can choose from an air tour that lands at the canyon, and a tour that just circles the canyon and heads back to Vegas. The landing tours offer more thrills and fun, but if you need to save money, you may want to opt for an air-only tour. The aerial tours are great on their own and provide you with around three hours of flight time and aerial viewing.

Tours That Land

If you take a landing tour to the West Rim, you can land on the canyon floor or on top of the rim. Making the flight to the canyon floor to land is an experience you don’t want to miss. It gives you an interesting perspective on the canyon, and once you land, you can enjoy a champagne picnic.

Landing on top of the West Rim is good too, because that puts you near the world famous Grand Canyon Skywalk, which is an experience you’ll always remember as you walk out beyond the canyon wall on a bridge of glass.

Tours Of The South Rim

The flights from Vegas to the South Rim are by airplane. Planes can get to the South Rim in about 60 minutes, and they set down at the airport near the main gates. These tours include about two hours of viewing the Grand Canyon National Park, so you’ll get to see many of the highlights. Airplane tours can usually be upgraded to include a helicopter flight from the South Rim to the North Rim and back.

Las Vegas Plane Tours

Planes that depart from Vegas also tour the West Rim. The planes follow the same flight path as the tour helicopters, but they fly at a higher altitude. Plane tours are the least expensive type of aerial tour, so they are great if you need to control your spending. And there is no worry about sacrificing your sightseeing experience since you can add a chopper tour of the canyon to your flight package.

To Conclude

Taking an aerial tour of the Grand Canyon during the Christmas season is a fabulous idea. There is a tour for any budget, whether you fly by plane or helicopter. Both types of tours are amazing and you’ll see many beautiful sights. Just remember to book your tour online and do it in advance. Then you can save a bundle on your tour to one of the most beautiful wonders of nature.

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