Despite not having met in person, Apple and Samsung are business partners.The iPhone 14 isn’t helping Samsung make a profit.

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Samsung Display, the industry leader in OLED, is said to be Apple’s primary OLED supplier.According to reports, Samsung is said to produce over 70% of the OLED panels required for Apple’s most recent iPhones.

The essential boards for the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Or more, in addition to the LTPO display for the iPhone 14 Star and iPhone 14 Ace Max, are highlighted for the iPhone 14.A South Korean media outlet known as TheElec claims that Apple intends to produce 120 million of the most recent iPhone 14 series by 2022.

120 million units will require at least 80 million Samsung Panels.We will acquire approximately 20 million from LG Display and approximately 6 million from the Chinese company BOE.The manufacturer of the remaining boards is currently unknown.Samsung and LG Display are said to supply panels for all four iPhone 14 models, despite the fact that BOE only produces 6.1-inch LTPS OLEDs for the base model.
More than 60 million of the more than 80 million screens that Samsung Display will produce will be for the more expensive iPhone 14 Pro models, which are in greater demand than anticipated.Samsung Show may increase its assembling share as LG Show is currently experiencing production issues.

Due to the fact that they changed the circuit design without first informing Apple, the Chinese BOE panels used in the iPhone 14s didn’t sell well, and there were concerns about a contract review.

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